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Monthly News Archive for June 2006


GR:AW Official Modding Tutorials
Posted by Rocky on Friday, June 30 2006

GRIN have just released an impressive suite of modding tutorials for GR:AW that will be of interest to GR:AW modders everywhere!

Included in the pack are tutorials on


...and all associated files including max files, images and textures! Download the GR:AW Tutorial Pack here. Initial feedback on this pack can be posted in our forums here. For more specific assistance please select the appropriate modding forum, thanks!

GR:AW Official Modding Guides
Posted by Rocky on Thursday, June 29 2006

Over the next few days there could be a release of Official GRAW Modding Guides to help fans further modify GR:AW with new features and assets.

As announced in our forums here, GRIN have pledged to support the GR:AW modding community with official modding guides taylored to exactly what modders need to know. Considering the remarkable mods already appearing with very little in the way of documentation, this move by developer GRIN could cause an explosion of new content for GR:AW over the coming months.

GR:AW Maps
Posted by Rocky on Wednesday, June 28 2006

The Modded Maps Downloads section has been udpated with the first batch of fan made maps, including the Embassy remake, Downtown by uZeal (TDM and DM versions) and TDM map War by Wrath

.Congratulations to all the modders who are breaking new ground so quickly after the release of the map editor by GRIN in the latest patch.

There are a few more maps to be added over the coming days, so keep checking Map Downloads for updates.

Maps by dids
Posted by Rocky on Wednesday, June 28 2006

Construction and Sneaky Badger v2.0 are the first two maps released by GR:AW map modder dids

For help in creating your own GR:AW maps visit our GR:AW Map Modding forum where help is available from fans and also members of the dev team from GRIN.

Sniper City GR:AW Map
Posted by Rocky on Wednesday, June 28 2006

We opened our Modded Maps section for Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter today with a Death Match map by Papa6 called Sniper City. Forum discussion can be found here.

GR:AW Camo mod - Task Force: Wraith
Posted by Rocky on Tuesday, June 27 2006

Task Force: Wraith from Scubaman3D & Lancer adds ACU to the Ghost's uniforms and weapons and desert MARPAT to the Marines in the SP and coop missions.

Download here, forum discussion here.

Laser GR:AW
Posted by Rocky on Tuesday, June 27 2006

Paintball fans looking to take Ghost Recon to the next level might want to take a look at Laser GR:AW, which features real tanks and armoured vehicles to make the experience as real as possible!

Laser GRAW

"Had enough of going to war on your TV or monitor? Then why not take a look at LaserWar, who'll be running some "real life" versions of GRAW missions later in the year. Rather than straight-forward paintballing style skirmish, this is a proper tactical experience run by a bunch of ex-army chaps with enough working military hardware (Humvees, APCs, tanks, etc.) to take over a small country."

Ubisoft Staff have already spent the day running around the massive 500 acre arena and given it two thumbs up. The event kicks off in March next year so check the site out now and see if your clan is ready to take virtual war to the next level with Laser GR:AW!

GR:AW 1.16 Update Released!
Posted by Rocky on Wednesday, June 21 2006

GR:AW Update 1.16 (named mp map pack 1) is available from our downloads page here. (127Mb). Word is that this is a cumulative patch so you do not need to install the two previous patches if you have not already, and also this time there is not a seperate patch for retail or direct to drive, it's all in one patch.

As posted recently there are over 50 updates in this pack, most of which are already recieving good feedback...

"The fixes are great. You can run after reload, aim down when prone, and so on. AA still shows alittle jaggies but it is better than what we had. Deathmatch maps are nice, (in) the night map, you are able to shoot out the lights to make it darker." Judge Recluse.

GR:AW Update details released
Posted by Rocky on Monday, June 19 2006

Ubisoft released information on the next GR:AW PC update today. There are over 50 fixes, new features and tools in the update, the detailed list can be viewed at Ubisoft here. Grin's own map editor is bundled with the update, and includes a tutorial and everything needed to produce brand new GR:AW maps. Forum discussion here.

The GDC Marathon
Posted by Rocky on Friday, June 16 2006

This time around, our design contest is taking a twist - members will be given new themes at unknown intervals to create signature block entries. Check it out here and join in on what's likely to be a very competitive design contest.

Congratulations to Avey for his winning World Cup wallpaper paying tribute to the three lions!! Round of 16!! Woot!!

Posted by Rocky on Thursday, June 15 2006

Competitive Domination kicked off at The Combat Zone this week and members of the Rogue Saints and CGi have been posting their feedback from the opening match, read it in our forums here.

GR:AW Mod Launcher
Posted by Rocky on Sunday, June 11 2006

SierraSeven has created a handy mod launcher for GR:AW to allow easy activation/deactivation of modifications. Download here, discussion here.

Xbit Labs GR:AW Test
Posted by Rocky on Sunday, June 11 2006

Xbit Labs used GR:AW as one of the benchmark videogames in their recent GeForce 7950 review. Read it here, and join in Logo's discussion here.

151 Armoury
Posted by Rocky on Sunday, June 11 2006

Lancer has modded some retextured GR:AW weapons, you can download the pack here, and view screenshots here.

GR:AW Gametypes
Posted by Rocky on Saturday, June 10 2006

TedSmith has been breaking new modding ground by producing new gametypes for Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter. The downloads are currently in beta as they are not perfect, but impressive none the less. Download Team Deathmatch or Siege gametypes and read about the process here and here.

GRAW Clean Hud v1.2
Posted by Rocky on Wednesday, June 7 2006

The second Clean HUD modification for GRAW has been released by Shadow=ASP=, you can check it out and download it here. More images, requests and feedback here!

New Ghost Camo
Posted by Rocky on Saturday, June 3 2006

If you are looking to kit your Ghosts out in some new camo check out this mod from Tilliboy which does just that, and also adds a black SCAR! Forum discussion and screenshots here.

GDC XIII: The Beautiful Game
Posted by zjj on Friday, June 2 2006

With the 2006 World Cup just around the corner, here is your chance to show your national pride. The latest design contest challenges members to create a wallpaper dedicated to their national soccer/football team. The contest ends before Germany faces Costa Rica so enter soon!!

Congratulations to SteelHack for his hilarious entry depicting a local news article on Bo’s fictitious arrest in Mexico!!

PHP Nuke GRAW Server Block released
Posted by Rocky on Thursday, June 1 2006

RuTHlezz1 has released a GRAW Server Status Block for PHP Nuke. You can see it running on the DeadlyForceGaming website, and download it here. Forum discussion here.



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