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Monthly News Archive for April 2006


Post Effects
Posted by Rocky on Saturday, April 29 2006

Changing the Post Effect quality in the GR:AW Demo has quite a dramatic effect in the visuals. Pave Low has started a poll in the forums to gauge fan opinion.

There are a few comparisons images to examine before placing your vote, check it out and see what you think.

GRAW Movies
Posted by Rocky on Friday, April 28 2006

Fans are wasting no time in throwing together some GRAW movies based on the demo. UK Cobra made this demo movie and archenemy20 posted this one! For more demo movies keep an eye on this discussion.

Demo Support and Feedback
Posted by Rocky on Friday, April 28 2006

In our GRAW Tech Support section we are compiling a list of issues and resolutions for the GR:AW PC trailer. It's updated daily, so if you have problems with the demo, bookmark this pinned post.

GB Grush has posted his views on the GR:AW PC Demo at GR-Retreat, read it here.

Posted by Rocky on Friday, April 28 2006

Overclockers would seem to have the first real world test of AGEIA PhysXs working in Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter. It's a sobering read for anyone thinking of buying a physics card to enjoy greater eye candy in Advanced Warfighter. Read how one gamer got in in their forums here.

Gamespy Preview GRAW PC
Posted by Rocky on Thursday, April 27 2006

Gamespy have a two page GR:AW PC Preview up. They talk a lot about multiplayer and mention a multiplayer update for the title in June.

"The fun shouldn't stop with the retail release, either -- a traditional deathmatch mode is planned to be added to the multiplayer package come June"

GR:AW PC Demo is OUT!
Posted by Rocky on Wednesday, April 26 2006

Download mirrors for the GR:AW demo can be found in our forums here where the list in constantly updated. It's just over 500Mb get it fast while the download speeds are quite good!

GR:AW PC Shipping NOW!
Posted by Rocky on Tuesday, April 25 2006

Ubisoft started shipping advance orders of Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter for the PC today! Fans are already posting their shipping receipts in gleefull excitement in our forums here.

Demo Next Week?
Posted by Rocky on Saturday, April 22 2006

GR:AW PC could be on your PC sometime next week according to this post by a moderator in the French Ubisoft forums. The best translation I can come up with at this time is...

"Well, the demo is out next week!  One of the folks that were at the fan's day yesterday asked the question and one said for them that the demo is due out next week but no exact date was specified." 

Keep your eyes peeled on the official sites for the exact date and content of the demo. Forum discussion here.

GR:AW on Giga Games
Posted by Rocky on Tuesday, April 18 2006

Tomorrow, Wednesday, GRAW will feature on German Games Show Giga Games. They'll be broadcasting a live webcast featuring Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter. In our forums, BigSM has been good enough to post the exact times in various time zones, so check out this post for the details and tune in tomorrow!

Posted by Rocky on Tuesday, April 18 2006

Shacknews is reporting that Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter for the PC has at last been officially announced as Gold! In less than twenty days it should be on store shelves and advance orders dropping through the letter box of eager beaver Ghost Recon fans everywhere.

GR:AW PC Trailer 2
Posted by Rocky on Tuesday, April 18 2006

Thanks to BigSM (again) for letting us know that another GR:AW PC movie is out - this time it is Ubisoft's official game trailer number 2. There's a 67Mb HD version available here, or a smaller version available from Ubisoft here. Join in the discussion here!

Games Radar HALO Drop
Posted by Rocky on Monday, April 17 2006

Games Radar have posted a three page preview for Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter PC. The preview has plenty of good vibes for PC gamers, and a really cool movie showing a HALO insertion.  I've also added the HALO insertion movie to our Ghost Recon download database. Forum discussion here.

More PC Screenshots
Posted by Rocky on Sunday, April 16 2006

BigSM found a bunch of new PC GR:AW screenshots on this German site! Discussion here.

Multiplay GR:AW PC Movie
Posted by Rocky on Saturday, April 15 2006

Multiplay have released multiplayer footage of GR:AW taken at a recent UK LAN event. In addition to some hints of multiplayer gameplay you'll also see UbiRazz (Chris) in this video explaining some of the development process and other details. Forum discussion here.

1Up and GR:AW PC
Posted by Rocky on Saturday, April 15 2006 have a new feature looking at Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter for the PC. It's accompanied by new footage called GRAW Gameplay Footage 1. The clip runs to over 5 minutes long and shows off the destructable environment, tactical map, and the awesome new weapon load out screen. Out of over 8,000 titles on their site, Ghost Recon is currently the 2nd most popular title at! Discussion here.

New GR:AW AGEIA Footage
Posted by Rocky on Friday, April 14 2006

AGEIA have updated their site with a new clip showing fragmentation effects achieved using their dedicated physics processor. You can search our forums for more discussion on AGEIA technology, or kip to the latest discussion right here.

IGN Previews GRAW PC
Posted by NYR on Thursday, April 13 2006

IGN recently got their hands on a preview build of GR:AW PC, and they a great new preview out!  They have a number of new screenshots and gameplay movies as well.  Discussion has already hit our forums

Ubisoft Abandon Starforce?
Posted by Rocky on Thursday, April 13 2006

DailyTech are reporting that Ubisoft have announced they will no longer be using Starforce on their games. This will come as a huge relief to Ghost Recon fans, some of whom had already stated they would not be purchasing Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter if Starforce was present. The wider gaming community has also been up in arms over Starforce, to the point of organising game boycotts, and even a class action lawsuit against Ubisoft for distributing Starforce in their games.

The Starforce discussion in our forums reached 8 pages long, and the debate will probably continue now in light of this new information. Whatever copy protection Ubisoft uses with Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter (if any), let's hope it is not intrusive, and that it doesn't inconvienience the paying customer - wouldn't that be a nice turn up for the books.

Posted by Rocky on Tuesday, April 11 2006

We've uploaded a new video that although it's not in English, it does feature's games developer of the moment (GRIN), and it does feature some brand new Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter PC footage. Download the 25 Mb GRAW PC movie here or from Ghostaholic. Forum discussion, debate (and diatribe) here.

GRIN_desmond22 has very kindly added an English Translation of the interview, you can jump straight to that post here.

GB Crush over at GR-Retreat has produced a special subtitled version of this movie, download it here. I've called it special because, well, watch it yourself and have a laugh, it's the funniest thing I've seen all week, easily. Post your feedback on this classic movie here.

Multiplayer Details Revealed!
Posted by Rocky on Saturday, April 8 2006

Jorrit has posted an English translation of a report from GRIN's visit to the Netherlands. This report has some very interesting information not previously released such as anti-cheat, replays, and a lot of very interesting details on multiplayer games - such as joining in-progress games and dedi server requirements.

GR:AW PC Preview
Posted by Rocky on Friday, April 7 2006

Last week we stormed Ubisoft's London offices (okay, we were invited), to get our eager hands on Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter PC version. Of course we wanted to send our very best operatives, but in the end we settled for Colin and ZeroAlpha!

Joking aside, they came back with a huge report and plenty of details on the game we are all waiting on coming home to the PC. Read their GRAW PC Preview report here and say nice things about it in our forums here.

New GRAW Screenshots
Posted by Rocky on Thursday, April 6 2006

Colin has linked to some awesome brand new Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter PC screenshots in this forum discussion.

We'll have these shots in our continually updated GRAW Gallery momentarily.

GRAW Loaded and Fragged
Posted by Rocky on Thursday, April 6 2006

LoadedInc have posted a feature on Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter, read it here and comment here!

Fragland have also published their summary, read that here and comment here! on PSP
Posted by Rocky on Wednesday, April 5 2006

In association with one of our sister websites,, we are proud to present a new service for PSP owning Ghost Recon fans. Today we launch a mobile edition of specifically formatted and optimised for Playstation Portable users.

Click me!

Anyone using their PSP to browse the web while on the move can bookmark and catch up on the lastest Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter news, and even use a specially formatted lightwieght version of the forums that fits perfectly on the PSP screen.

ZJJ Interview
Posted by Rocky on Monday, April 3 2006

If you visit our forums at all, you'll have heard of ZJJ. She's been a site Admin for quite sometime now, keeping us all in order and providing valuable assistance in many areas to keep things ticking over.


In the first of a series of Staff Interviews, we are now pleased to present a quite detailed and revealing interview with ZJJ. The questions are all from forum members, read it here. Interview discussion here.

We Want A Date Viral Campaign
Posted by Rocky on Saturday, April 1 2006

Anyone who has been around the Ghost Recon community of late can't have helped but notice the sometimes conspiracy laced opinions that cropped up all too regularly from fans regarding delays in the release of GR:AW on the 360, and doubting that Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter would ever reach the PC.

It would seem these, at times almost hysterical, opinions did not go un-noticed by the powers that be at Ubisoft, as a previously unreleased viral campaign that would seem to play on these fears has now come to light! The We Want A Date Ghost Recon viral marketing campaign surfaced in our forums here, and you really do not want to miss this! 

There are 14 hilarious short movies to download, collect them all!



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